Saturday, 8 December 2012

This is a fun and cautionary reality on dating site

I don’t know why, mostly guys writing from Turkey, Egypt and Iraq on that site.

Maybe they go crazy over girls with white skin. All of them write  they want to marry.

I thought, God has something mixed up when he made that part of the world. 

The guys from Iraq say dont trust the Kurds. They're just playing with you. They marry only Kurdish girls and no one else.

At the same time, the Kurdish guys say, dont believe the Iraqis, they don’t respect women.

But even the Kurds don’t trust each other. The guy from Erbil says, don’t believe the guys from Sulaymaniyah, they care only about money.

Some Turks say, we are the best. Because the Kurds behave rudely. But the Egyptians worse than Kurds. But one Italian guy told me that he knew some of the Turks and they were crazy.

One Egyptian said about the Turks and others, all of them are dangerous people, they are Mafia.

But in addition, he noted : «There is the same in your Ukraine».

Is there  anybody somewhere, whom we can trust?

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