Thursday, 10 January 2013

How Ukrainian dating agencies work

I live in city  named Chernihiv. This is  Ukraine. It  is a medium-sized city with a population of about three hundred thousand.

Many foreigners know that Ukraine is a country of miracles. So Chernihiv region is  one of the poorest regions of Ukraine. We even have oil deposits in the depths of our territory. But we are so poor. That's why, all people are busy just looking for money. They use any trickery to get it.So  I want to tell you one story how I found out a dating service secret job.

Not long ago I was looking for a job offer. Soon i found several similar proposals on the Internet and newspaper. They said that some dating agencies looking for girls and translators for a  work.
I called to one agency. They wanted nice looking, unmarried girl and her passport data. It turned out that I was too old age for them. Besides, i don’t want to give my passport details to anyone.
I went for an interview to another company to work as a translator. I thought, I can help those girls who don’t speak English,  but  want to chat with foreign men.
It was a small dirty room furnished with a tattered furniture, located in the hotel which had no good reputation. Hotel air was thoroughly imbued with tobacco. There were two computers and a man who told how they work.
As it turned out, they need a girl to cheat foreign customers. I have to talk with men on the Internet and keep their interest. More men, more money. Because men  pay for the service.
That men pay to get to know our girls. But they dont know that there is a fraud. Agency invites some girl for a work. She works as a decoy. That girl gives her photo and passport details to the agency. They put the photos online and pay money to this girl. Another girl, who knows English speak to customers on behalf of the bait. She also gets paid for the workShe must attract more men.
They say we do not deceive. If someone wants to check out, we have a real passport and the real girl.
But at last, if the man decided to come to Ukraine to meet the dream of his life. Agency willing to take the man. They even introduce him to a girl from the photo.
But it may happen, that this beauty is not  so clever and charming, as it seemed. In fact she is a complete fool. Because the man was talking to a completely different person before.
So i want you to understand that . Yes, maybe there are honest dating agency. But certainly not in Chernigov. Don’t expect that girls from paid dating sites want you as a lover. They want you as a fat cat. FOR MONEY.  BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR JOB.

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